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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 26, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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breaking tonight, the reviews are in for a host of republicans testing the waters for a possible white house run. and the crowds are going crazy for one man in particular, welcome to "the kelly file." i'm shannon bream in tonight for megyn kelly. on the first big night of the unofficial kickoff to the 2016 gop campaign for president thousands of conservative activists, lawmakers and party leaders are gathered just outside washington, d.c. for the conservative political action conference or cpac as it's been called, the silent primary where some hopefuls explode on the scene and others fail to find their spark. today, three of the party's potential front runners did their best to fire up the crowd. >> there's not a single democrat
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here. it's almost like cpac invited benjamin netanyahu to speak. the biggest divide we have in this country it's not between republicans and democrats. the biggest divide we have in this country is between career politicians in washington and the american people. >> i'm ready for a country that puts our constitution on the top shelf. i'm for putting our health care in our hands and not in the hands of some bureaucrats, for balancing our budgets, for a fair taxation system that allows us to get rid of the irs. >> you see, here in america there's a reason why we celebrate the fourth of july and not april 15th because in america we celebrate our independence from the government not our dependence on it! that's right. we need a president, a leader who will stand up and say we will take the fight to them and not wait until they bring the fight to american soil for our children and our grandchildren!
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>> joining us now, the man running the show, chairman of the group behind cpac, matt thanks for joining us tonight. >> great to be with you, shannon. >> looks like you're off to a rip roaring start. let's start there with ted cruz because he is somebody who is very comfortable speaking. he does this all the time. he goes out there without notes and fires up the crowd. this is his kind of crowd. and it sounds like he's trying to separate himself as a potential 2016 contender against others who he says haven't been in the fight. here's what he told people to say when someone tells them they're the right person for the job. >> if a candidate tells you they oppose obamacare fantastic. when have you stood up and fought against it? if the candidate tells you they oppose the debt and debt ceiling that are crushing our kids and grand kids, terrific. when have you stood up and fought against it? if a candidate says they oppose president obama's illegal and
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unconstitutional executive amnesty, terrific. when have you stood up and fought against it? >> now matt of course he's taken a lot of heat because sometimes he's been out there on a lonely island by himself in the senate really oftentimes the lone voice or maybe two or three other people. do you think he's trying to make the point to this group? they loved the red meat he was tossing out they might not like him on the hill but he's not too worried about that. >> yeah. i mean the hill's going to have no impact on who gets this republican nomination. you're exactly right, shannon. the people in this room want to get a fresh face. look, they want to win. but standing up for somebody who's willing to, you know, lead their charge, especially in the kind of ways ted cruz has the reaction in this room was huge. and i think you're right his road to the white house and his road to nomination is to be that person who will stand up even when standing up is tough. >> somebody who's a lot more
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understated but certainly has a lot of fans there well dr. ben carson who says he's very seriously inching towards possibly running for the white house. he talked a lot of policy today. he talked about health care and how that can be reformed. and of course a lot of people think he's a great voice to have in the conversation as such an accomplished neurosurgeon that he is himself. but he's definitely got a different way of speaking, of approaching the audience. it seemed like they responded, but it's a different delivery. >> it's a different delivery. look, he's having a conversation with the people in the room. it wasn't applause lines, it was a conversation about who he is and where he wants to take the country. shannon, it's important to remember one of the big changes we've made at cpac is each one of these speakers had to answer questions off of twitter. i think dr. carson handled that part of it very well. additionally, look, these activists, they're knowledgeable. they want to know specifics on what they're going to do to help change the direction of the country. and i think he passed that test. >> all right. somebody else who was described to me today as feisty, carly
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fiorina. she's interesting because for now she's really the only major candidate wading into the waters for 2016. she seems to be latching on to the idea that she can go more forcefully after hillary clinton female-to-female. seems she's more comfortable in that role than maybe some of the male candidates will be at this point. i want to play a little about her today and talking about this most recent scandal with foreign donations to the clinton foundation. here's fiorina. >> please accept and explain why we should accept that the millions and millions of dollars that have flowed into the clinton foundation from foreign governments do not represent a conflict of interest. she tweets about womens rights in this country and takes money from governments that deny women the most basic human rights.
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>> now, do you think she's gaining traction as a potential viable candidate? >> by every indicator she's absolutely gaining traction. there are, if you look at the insider polls if you look at the fact what she said today trended on twitter worldwide and the fact that the clintons felt obligated to respond, it tells you that carly fiorina gets under their skin, and i think republicans will love hearing more of that. >> okay. now the man who's getting a lot of attention has been coming in to this and a lot of people watching their speech closely and after the speech still capturing a lot of headlines, wisconsin governor scott walker. he talks about the fact that he has been battle tested in wisconsin. that seems to be what he's really trying to emphasize and saying it's a spring board for him to do something more. he talks about a little bit of that when he had a bit of a heckler today who snuck in with you guys. take a listen. >> so how did we do that in a
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state that hasn't gone -- apparently the protesters come from wisconsin as well. but you know what those voices can't drown out the voices of the millions of americans who want us to stand up for the hard working taxpayers as long as i'med leader i'll continue to do that going forward. >> we've watched him for a while, matt. he seemed more comfortable today and seemed to have gotten the message that there's this idea of charisma you have to have even if you've been battle tested and you have good policy but according to the gop faithful they needed to see more from him. and it seems he's upping his game a bit today. >> definitely upping his game. look, the heckler is a good thing for him. this is what it takes early in the presidential process to make sure you can survive moments like today. and i think it turned the crowd even more on scott walker's side. what scott walker has going for him is the fact that conservatives love the fact that liberals have thrown everything at him but the kitchen sink. and he survives with grace and a smile. and today i think he showed this crowd that he is serious about
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running for president. and i could tell that he made a connection. >> well, he took some hits for a couple things he said but not to be, you know not unexpected because obviously if you are the person leading the pack you're going to draw more and more of that attention. all right, matt, have a good time down there. thanks for taking a break with us. >> thanks, shannon. >> also tonight, breaking news that more than 200 christians have been kidnapped in the last 72 hours by the islamic state. up next, we'll talk live with the woman who thinks her friends are now in the hands of those butchers. plus dramatic new images of isis gleefully destroying thousands of years of human history. we've got a live report on the magnitude of what's been lost. and then the obama administration considering gun control in a move so significant that one of america's biggest sporting goods stores is warning its customers you better get informed and weigh-in. this story you will see only on "the kelly file" just ahead. >> nothing gets people excited about exercising their rights
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a "the kelly file" exclusive on the abductions of hostages.
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the latest figure suggesting anywhere from 200 to 400 may be in the hands of terrorists. we believe that includes 12 family members of one california couple. in the past 24 hours the u.s. says it has carried out at least four air strikes in the area where the hostages were taken but as of right now we still have no word on their fate. in the meantime "the kelly file" has obtained exclusive new images from the crisis zone. we cannot independently confirm these or verify them but we're told this is what's happening, a mass exodus of christians from northern syria. a church there barricading themselves in. and it appears they're handing out supplies to people in great need there. joining us now a syrian christian who escaped persecution several years ago and has four friends in syria. she now fears they have been kidnapped by isis terrorists. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, shannon, for having me. >> i got to ask you because you suffered persecution you say under the assad regime. you were jailed more than once, you were harassed.
6:13 pm
tell us what the environment is like in that part of the world for christians right now. >> yeah. thank you first for having me here. i'm really glad to be speaking about the suffering of my people the suffering of thousands of christians, the suffering that has been that's lasted more than 1500 years. the suffering for abandon their christian faith, still resisting, now it's really crazy, it's really hard for them. and need the whole war to stand for them because it's really hard. >> some are saying this is basically a genocide happening before our eyes that these people are being specifically targeted and either taken away or tortured or killed. and there are many who are questioning why more can't be done. in your opinion and what you're hearing from that region and we understand you may have friends swept up in this as well, what
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are your fears for them? >> correct. i have friends, i have neighbors who are now kidnapped who are now with isis. many of them are women. i'm really worried about them. we all know that isis believe in sexual enslavement. and unfortunately they just derive that from verses in quran. this is so sad. our people, our civilians, they are successful people. the christians of syria are equivalent what we call here in the united states small business, they go to church they spend time with their families, they are not politically activist. and they have no support now. they are fighting isis alone only kurds and peshmerga are fighting standing on the front lines helping them defeating
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isis. but it's still not enough because they are not receiving direct support yet. so it's really hard for them. and isis are really powerful. >> yes. you mentioned the kurds and peshmerga. we know many of those groups have reached out to the u.s. to ask for help different levels of assistance. what more do you think that the u.s. could be doing to help these people that seem to have no shields no protection there? >> yes. yes. now thousands of those christians fled their villages, their own -- they left behind everything, their own property, their money, their everything. so they are now many of them are almost homeless. they lack support. they lack food. they lack shelter. they lack everything. they really need help like on the humanitarian side. and they also need to be helped
6:16 pm
to defeat isis. they need to be armed directly. now we have christian fighters. we have the kurdish fighters. they are defeating isis. and i think they need to be directly supported by the united states of america. >> and if you'll quickly, what are your fears for those who are now in captivity of isis? what do you think will happen to them long-term? >> yeah. first, i'm really worried about the women and the children because isis -- those christian women and they might sexually enslave them they might kill their kids or recruit them to fight with isis. they might kill or behead the men. as we saw them beheading 21 christians from egypt in libya and india unfortunately that's
6:17 pm
happening. and it might happen at any minute. so i hope they receive the help as soon as possible. and it's really sad to see that happening. they're becoming more powerful. we can see them everywhere now. we saw them in france we saw them in germany. and we might see them god forbid in arizona, texas, anywhere. so it's really hard situation. >> hadeel, thank you so much for sharing your story. we know you went through a lot to escape that region and now speak out on others who need a voice. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. well, as the terrorists kidnap and kill those who disagree with them we're also seeing heartbreaking images of this group wiping out entire chapters of man's earliest history. isis releasing heartbreaking video that shows the total destruction of ancient artifacts in iraq. gleefully ransacking a museum and taking sledge hammers to art that goes back thousands of years. we're told that one of the statues actually dated back to the ninth century b.c.
6:18 pm
trace gallagher reports from our west coast newsroom. trace, it's devastating to see. >> yeah. in fact, shannon isis is now attacking iraq's legacy on two fronts first by looting artwork and relics and selling them on the black market. historically iraqi items have been spotted for sale from baghdad to beirut. the second is going into museums and archaeological sites and destroying anything that isis believes represents harrassy any statue that defines religion other than sunni islam. this five-minute video shows bearded men inside the mosul museum using sledge hammers and drills to destroy priceless busts and statues. experts say this is all part of the bigger goal for isis which is to cleanse all competing cultures. today the state department said this. listen. >> obviously broadly speaking we've seen not just the brutality of isil we've seen
6:19 pm
the horrific acts that they have undertaken around the world, the disrespect for historic sites and certainly this seems consistent with that. >> some of the relics being destroyed are from the mightyiest syrian empire that began in 2500 b.c. and keep in mind isis now controls nearly 2,000 of iraq's 12,000 registered archaeological sites. today the director of the new york metropolitan museum said "this mindless attack on great art, on history and on human understanding constitutes a tragic assault not only on the mosul museum but on our universal commitment to use art to unite people and promote human understanding." keep in mind back in 2001 the taliban destroyed religious symbols that did not fit its criteria of islam. shannon. >> very much on the lines of ethnic cleansing. trace, thank you very much. also tonight, the obama administration is considering a gun control move so significant that one of america's biggest
6:20 pm
sporting goods stores is warning its customers you better get informed. it's a story you'll see only on "the kelly file" just ahead. plus, three vets have died after being admitted to a v.a. hospital accused of overmedicating. we're going to speak to the father of one of these young men, hear about the warnings he says were ignored and hear about the democratic lawmaker who knew about the problems for months but allegedly failed to act. >> didn't realize that he was going to pass away, you know, i never thought he was that bad. i mean he was just in a mental health floor, you know getting his medication adjusted. and, you know, i wish i would have never left him that day. [coughs] better take something. theraflu severe cold won't treat your runny nose. really? alka-seltzer severe cold and flu relieves your worst flu symptoms plus runny nose. [breath of relief] oh, what a relief it is. mommy! hey! oh i'm on the cookie air diet. you just... and that's it. i prefer real food
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i love life, whether i'm on the go, spending time with friends or with my favorite date. i take care of myself, and i like what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection only at chico's and breaking tonight, more than 100 members of congress have now signed onto a letter that will go to the director of the atf expressing serious concern over a new proposal to ban certain kind of ammunition for a variety of firearms.
6:24 pm
representative bob goodlatte, author of that letter joins me. good to see you. >> good to see you shannon. >> so the atf is citing back to an old law saying certain kinds of ammunition can't be used because of the worries about it being used on law enforcement officers. but there are exceptions for that law. you can apply for an exception and a number of things have been excepted. that may go away in certain cases. why should we be worried? >> the second amendment protects the rights of law-abiding citizens to own firearms. and the ar-15 is the most popular sporting rifle, hundreds of thousands are sold every year. and the president has tried to ban this rifle, but congress has refused. and now it appears he's taking his pen and cell phone and through the atf is trying to ban the second most popular ammunition that is used in that rifle. and they're doing it in a way that appears to violate the
6:25 pm
administrative procedures act. they're not doing it out in the open in a public process. so we're concerned. and we have -- excuse me, bipartisan letter that we will be sending to the administration early next weekend we expect to have way more than 100 signatures to it before it goes to the administration calling into question what they're doing and pointing out that this is infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens and not going to have an effect on criminals. in fact, the fbi reports that this bullet has not been used in a handgun -- which is the claim to kill any law enforcement agent in over ten years. so we think it's targeted at gun control and not protecting law enforcement and protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners. >> and the white house seemed to say this is more of a doj, atf issue, let them handle it.
6:26 pm
we did get a response from the doj. it said simply posing and on framework to provide guidance through a transparent process through making exemption. this is all going to public comment. they're not trying to hide anything and everybody's going to have a chance to weigh-in. but it sounds like your take is, listen, they haven't been able to get gun control and new laws and restrictions through congress. so they're going to use an executive agency. because if you ban the ammo and maybe the gun goes away if there's no way to use it. is that what you're suggesting? >> not only that, but the framework, the so-called framework that they're following, is something they've made up. it is not the normal process. and there is no assurance that when these public comments are made that those comments will be made public. so it's not, in our opinion, the proper way to go about doing this. it's a bad idea to begin with.
6:27 pm
they're not following the law. >> what power do you as a chairman in very important committee on the hill, what power will you have if the atf moves ahead with this? do you envision lawsuits? >> i think there could be lawsuits, i think there could be funding limitations on the enforcement of this. certainly we're starting out by sending a letter raising our concerns, asking questions about why they're doing it this way. and we certainly hope they'll respond to that. but more importantly we hope that they will follow the law and make sure that this is a transparent process. and identify a reason why this should be changed when for 30 years this bullet has been acceptable on the market. and we are not aware of evidence that shows the justification for taking this off of the market when it is so popular and used by so many law-abiding american citizens. >> well, there are those out there including those who have supported the president. professor jonathan turley that has been on this program many times. i'm sure you know him as well
6:28 pm
saying basically these federal agencies are becoming a fourth branch that was never intended in the constitution. and they certainly have a lot of power. so it's good that folks like you and your bipartisan group keep an eye on them. keep us updated, mr. chairman. >> we will, shan non. with new details leaking on the u.s. nuke deal with iran, we're going to hear from one analyst from what we think we know of it so far, it's appalling. those are his words. and the white house getting a major wakeup call on terror from the national intelligence director, next. >> when the final counting is done, 2014 will have been the most lethal year for global terrorism in the 45 years such data has been compiled.
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6:32 pm
kerry yesterday suggested that despite the terror army's disturbing campaign of carnage, the world has never been safer. >> the truth is that notwithstanding the threat of isil, notwithstanding people being beheaded publicly and being burned publicly and the atrocities that they are perpetrating, and it is a serious, serious challenge to us, notwithstanding that, there is actually less threat and less probability of people dying in some sort of violent conflict today than at any time in human history. >> less than 24 hours later the president's director of national intelligence, the man who sits in on the same cabinet meetings as secretary kerry, seemed to suggest the exact opposite. >> preliminary data for the first nine months of 2014 reflects nearly 13,000 attacks which killed 31000 people.
6:33 pm
when the final accounting is done, 2014 will have been the most lethal year for global terrorism in the 45 years such data has been compiled. >> chief white house correspondent ed henry just filed this report from washington. >> shannon last fall it was the president throwing james clapper under the bus telling cbs's "60 minutes" it was his director of national intelligence who admitted underestimating the terror threat from isis even though remember the president himself had called them the jayvee squad. today, it was clapper striking back a bit perhaps directly contradicting secretary of state john kerry's more rosy scenario about how americans have never been safer. you heard clapper tell congress that 2014 was the deadliest year on record in terms of terror, which led me to press spokesman josh earnest about these mixed messages. how could secretary kerry make the claim to the american people, to the world that we're safer than we were before? >> well, i think he could do so
6:34 pm
with the evidence on his side. what he was able to demonstrate and i think what he was discussing is the success that our military campaign has had in applying significant pressure -- >> last summer i pressed earnest about all of these national security crises piling up. and i asked him about the president's policies. he said they had made the world more tranquil. today i asked him if he stands behind that. earnest said the policies have tried to make the world a safer place, but didn't quite use the word tranquil shannon. >> all right. our thanks to ed. earlier i got a chance to get reaction to this from former republican presidential candidate and texas governor rick perry. good to see you sir. >> shannon, good to be with you. thank you. >> all right. there's a lot of back and forth, there are semantics here disagreement over the language, the wording used, do you think that's much adieu about nothing or do you think this administration needs to have a clear message on exactly who these people are and what
6:35 pm
exactly what they want and how we're going to stop them? >> well, the words notwithstanding reminds me a lot of another secretary of state said what difference does it make? and i think you've got an administration that is headed up at the secretary of state's office for sure with some folks that are a little bit out of touch with reality. and, you know go tell the family of those 20-plus coptic christians that, you know this has been a really nice safe year. go tell the people in the malls across the country that were afraid to go because of the threat of isis. we know, and americans know, that this is a real threat. and this administration needs to address it and address it straight up. and give us a plan. tell us how are you going to deal with this? how are you going to make us safe? and give us an optimistic view about what the future of the world is and what the future of this country is. and we haven't heard it out of this administration, that's for sure. >> all right. so we've heard more than 200 christians potentially have been
6:36 pm
kidnapped in syria by this islamic group. we don't know their fate. and we don't know what condition they may or may not be in. we know what happened to those 21 coptic christians you mentioned from egypt. what do we say to the world about what we're willing to do as regards to stopping this group? >> yeah, well, we need to send a very clear message to not just the world but certainly to this group. this is the face of evil. and we need a coalition effort with the jordanians with the saudis, with our nato allies that clearly is going to go out and extinguish this threat. and we need to have -- obviously it's going to take boots on the ground. it's going to require both those jordanians saudis other coalition troops along with u.s. forces to go in, to identify and to eliminate this threat. nothing less than that is going to be acceptable. >> there have been suggestions from our state department that you cannot kill your way to victory in this fight. they say it's a lot about
6:37 pm
ideology, economy, opportunity, those kinds of things. but we're hearing now about jihadi john who had been behind some of the most grisly videos and beheadings that we've seen. apparently grew up in, you know england. had plenty of opportunity, was well-educated, had computer science degree of some kind from college. so what is the truth here? are we going to have to kill our way to victory? is this about ideology? is it a combination of the two? >> well certainly i think you've got to have a clear threat to the individuals who are involved with this. i mean the idea that somehow or another we're going to be nice enough to these people we're going to give them enough opportunities falls pretty flat. so the military aspect of this is going to be extremely important. obviously human intelligence and being able to identify these individuals, where they are and affect them is very much a part of that as well.
6:38 pm
but, you know, if the only thing they understand is the threat of power, then that's what we're going to have to express to them. but i think it starts at the top. and i think the president of the united states calling this for what it is. and that is radical islam. and when the king of jordan, the king of saudi arabia both call it what it is and our president refuses to do that, that's a real problem. we've got to call this what it is. it's radical islam and it's got to be eliminated. >> quickly as we close, governor, we hear that you have gotten quite the reception there at cpac in washington. anything about 2016 you want to tell us here on "the kelly file"? >> well, we're still going through the process of giving it consideration. my wife, my family the folks we put together. and hopefully by latter part of may, first of june we'll be able to make an announcement and move forward. >> former texas governor rick perry, good to see you, sir. coming up on "the kelly file," details on the new push to recognize "american sniper"
6:39 pm
chris kyle with the nation's highest military honor. and after the break new leaks on america's nuclear weapons negotiation with iran. and senator lindsey graham is here with his new efforts to keep a bad deal from moving forward. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking. feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz. don't start xeljanz if you have any infection unless ok with your doctor. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened.
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6:43 pm
netanyahu's address to congress where he's set to warn of disaster if iran is allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon. and our next guest thinks the news leaking out from the talks is really not good. "the wall street journal" columnist and former editor and chief -- brit stephen joins us live. thank you for joining us. not officially confirmed, but what does it say to you? >> the main point is it seems we're prepared to allow iran to obtain an industrial scale nuclear capability. remember just a year ago we were saying they couldn't do any enrichment at all or at least toke an enrichment. now we're giving that capability. the other aspect of the deal that's very concerning is there's a sunset provision. so after ten years or perhaps slightly more iran is basically in the free and clear. and that essentially means that we are not stopping them from getting a bomb. we are facilitating their acquisition of a nuclear
6:44 pm
industry that can very rapidly produce lots of bombs. >> i mean, we're sitting here calmly talking about this. but you and i were chatting before, as an average american i find this baffling. i have no idea why we would be so conciliatory in giving away so much that could be of such great damage not only in that region but to us ultimately as well. i don't get it. >> right. people forget because there's so much attention on islamic state that iran remains the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. they support groups like hezbollah with a blood of hundreds of marines, groups like hamas. they just conducted an exercise blowing up an american aircraft carrier. what's worst of all is the u.n.'s international atomic energy agency, which is the watchdog, is telling us that at this moment the iranians are stone walling their inspectors trying to find out about their weaponization program. so we're negotiating with a group that is lying to us and violating -- >> why are we doing that? >> i think the president is
6:45 pm
desperate for a legacy. i think he also feels that even if this deal is made with iran today that in ten years iran is going to move in a more moderate direction on account of people like president rowhani who has a reputation, i think unduh served as a moderate. the problem is when you give a regime like iran nuclear weapons, it doesn't tell me they're going to move in a moderate direction. i don't see north korea becoming more moderate in recent years now that it has nuclear capability, nuclear weapons. >> we're missing something. bret, thank you very much. glad to have your expertise. we're also hearing of a plan shaping up in the senate to keep a bad deal from moving forward. armed services committee member senator lindsey graham is one of the senators behind this effort. senator, great to have you with us tonight. >> thank you. >> you think like a lot of people do, that congress should have some input on whatever this deal cooks up to be. but how in the world do you hope to accomplish making sure that you get that ability to sign off? >> well part of the deal would be to relieve congressional
6:46 pm
sanctions, sanctions congress created against iran. it's a pretty simple proposition. before congress agrees to relieve the sanctions it created, we would like to look at the deal and vote on it up or down. i believe democrats and republicans are coming together along these lines saying a deal with iran is so important to our own national security and that of israel that we would want to look at the deal and have a say before it becomes binding. and i think there's going to be bipartisan support for that idea. >> will it be veto proof? >> i hope so. i think all republicans will be on board. and here's what -- my democratic colleagues, a good deal with iran would be a blessing. a bad deal would be a nightmare. as bret just indicated, we're talking about a deal that's being reported to be 6,000-plus centrifuges. think of north korea, the same people who negotiated the north korean deal are negotiating this deal with iran. from an israeli point of view this is one thing you can't
6:47 pm
allow to get wrong. iran has threatened to destroy the state of israel numerous times. if they had a nuclear capability, i'm afraid they would use it against israel and us and every sunni arab state who feels threatened by iran would want to go down the nuclear road themselves. so a bad deal is catastrophic for the entire region and our own national security. and i think congress should weigh-in and have a look at it. >> all right. congress will also, next week, get to hear from israel's prime minister netanyahu. and today we get word that there will be some bipartisan meeting with the senate leaders mcconnell and reid with the prime minister. do you expect many of your democratic colleagues to show up and/or publicly support what you expect netanyahu to say? >> i would plead with them to come and listen to the prime minister of israel. our best ally in the region. who feels that his nation the state of israel cannot survive
6:48 pm
a nuclear iran. and i'm convinced if the iranians developed a nuclear capability they would share that technology with terrorists and would come here. i think he has the strongest voice in the region. he understands the issue very well. and i think it's important for congress to hear from our best ally. i hope that our democratic colleagues will come and listen. whether you agree with the prime minister or not. i think this is now time to listen to what he has to say. just imagine this if you live in israel, the only thing between you and iranian nuclear capability and susan rice, john kerry and barack obama. how would that make you feel? >> well i know you've said some of these foreign policy issues is the very reason you're considering a run for the white house. any closer to a decision? >> i'm looking at it. you had a good guest on. there's a lot of good candidates in the field. but the one thing i can say for the last decade i've spent a lot of time on the ground in the mideast, i've never been more worried about the threats our nation faces. and president obama's strategy
6:49 pm
is failing. his entire national security team is incompetent. and i know how we got in this mess. and i think i know how to get out. and the last thing you want to do is throw your best friend israel, under the bus. i just wish president obama would be as hard on the iranians as he is on the israeli prime minister. >> senator graham, thank you for your service on the hill. and more importantly in the military as well. thank you, sir. >> thank you. coming up, after three veterans died in a v.a. hospital accused of overmedicating, we're going to speak to a father about the warnings he says were ignored and the democratic lawmaker he says knew about the problems for months. plus, details next on the new push to recognize the american sniper, chris kyle with the nation's highest military honor.
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a new push to recognize the american sniper with the nation's highest military honor. congressman roger williams of texas introduced a bill today asking the president to honor chris kyle with the medal of honor. the nation's distinction for those who went above and beyond the call of duty saying, there is no doubt that this true american hero is worthy of our nation's highest military honor. new details today on the investigation into a v.a. hospital where three veterans died. an investigation that has one well-known democrat facing charges of a cover-up. one of those veterans died after being overmedicated despite his father's complaints to hospital staff. and ever since his son's death that father has remained a major part of the effort to find out exactly what happened in wisconsin. joining me now, marvin, father of the veteran you just saw there, jason. i understand you like to be called marv. thank you so much for joining us
6:54 pm
tonight, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> i cannot begin to imagine what your family has been through. and i know that you deserve answers. and you're fighting for those. it sounds like in your son's final days he desperately needed help. you had gone there. what did you see as a process of trying to get any answers any help for him through that v.a. system? >> i think the v.a. failed in general to take care of my son adequately. i argued with them met with doctors there, particularly one doctor. and numerous times. and basically i thought the results were going to be good, but in the end i guess they weren't. >> and i know that you have talked with your senator tammy baldwin there who is now coming under fire that there was a report that her staff received at some point there was a lapse of time before any response. we talked about the three
6:55 pm
veterans including your son who died. i know that you have talked with her some. are you confident that there will be any changes that she'll account at all for what happened here? >> yes. i think, you know, her office has been real helpful ever since she met with us and talked with us. and senator johnson's office they've also reached out to me. and we communicate with senator baldwin's office and senator johnson's office at least a couple times a week. and, yeah, i'd have to say they are trying real hard right now to help make some changes here in a system that i think needs major changes. >> well your son served this country. we thank you for the gift of you allowing him to do that. and we wish that he had been treated much much better, sir. we pray that you'll get your
6:56 pm
answers. we know you're pushing for an outside investigation and we'll stay on this as well. thank you so much. >> thank you. we'll be right back. but first coming up on "hannity" at the top of the hour. >> i've got a number of marines who work for me, this comes out of the marine corps tradition. we should sell the world in america you have no better friend and no greater enemy. are filled with important lunches and afternoon meetings. i also like to play hard whether i'm spending time with friends or an evening with my favorite date. i take good care of myself and i like what i see when i look in the mirror. in fact, i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection. only at chico's and [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking
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bruising, bleeding, or paleness. enbrel helped relieve my joint pain. but the best part of every journey... dad!!! coming home. ask if enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists, can help you stop joint damage. you know, just because your bladder is changing, it doesn't mean you have to. with tena, let yourself go. be the one with the crazy laugh. and keep being their favorite playmate. with tena's unique super absorbent micro beads that lock in moisture and odor... tena lets you be you. lamas on the loose. the lama drama began outside phoenix when these two decided
7:00 pm
to skip out on their they were visit to a retirement community. animal control tried for two hours to corral the escapees. the black lama caught first, second later. thanks for watching. good-bye. i'm shannon bream. welcome to "hannity." and welcome to cpac and the road to 2016 on this special edition of "hannity" we're going to be joined by ted cruz, governor scott walker, senator rand paul. also joined by dr. benjamin carson and governor bobby jindal. let's start right now. >> who's ready for some cpac? >> hello cpac! how y'all doing? >> this is a room full of patriots. america is in jeopardy and we are met today on a great battlefield. >> i want us to find a way to allow people to


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